Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

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kitchen designRemodeling your kitchen is a great way to bring life back to your home. With all the options to choose from keeping a tight budget would seem like a struggle. If funds are running low there are some creative ways to turn your kitchen around, including services. Changing the color of your cabinets, as well as changing out the hinges and handles is a great start. You can strip the paint entirely to bring back the original wood as well. Cabinets cost a lot of money to be replaced so this could be a great deal of savings once the remodel has taken place. Change your outlet covers and light switch covers to go with the new design of your kitchen. You could also paint over them to reduce costs.

Updating your appliances to stainless steel will not only give your new kitchen a sleek modern look; you will have energy efficient appliances that will save you money. Replace your ceiling fan with a more modern one too. This is a great feature to have in any kitchen. It adds more light and keeps things cool when cooking.Walls many shades of color. The walls can be a certain color and the trim can be a lighter shade. This will make your kitchen more inviting. Try to go with a color that will flow smoothly with the other color schemes you have throughout the house.

kitchen designLighting

All lights should be replaced with energy efficient bulbs. You can’t have a modern kitchen without modern lighting. Updating your sink may be too big of an expense. If you add a new faucet you can change the look entirely without spending a lot. Go for a laminate backsplash before using tile. You can find them in many different designs at affordable rates. The last thing and often the most expensive is the flooring. If you have carpet its good to find out if there aren’t hardwood floors underneath.

Often, homeowners cover hardwood flooring with carpet. If you didn’t buy your home new there is a chance you many have hardwood floors already. If this is the case rip up the old carpet and give that flooring a new breath of life. Hardwood floors tend to increase the value of your home as well. If you’re stuck with carpet and still love the look of hardwood floors you could check out laminate hardwood flooring. It is much cheaper and still has that beautiful wood look.